Environmental Site Assessments

To avoid the risk of buying an “environmental problem” when financing or transferring property and buildings, it is often recommended that an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) be conducted to ensure the land is free of contamination.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) determine the environmental conditions of a site based on historical use and current activity.

Phase II-III Environmental Site Assessments are carried out when environmental problems are known or suspected. Various tests are used to determine the site’s environmental condition, resulting in a detailed report and a list of recommendations.

Forensic Investigation

ARC Geobac is fully qualified to undertake forensic investigations for environmental contamination. These investigations assist lawmakers and insurance companies to determine responsible parties, contaminant sources and pathways, cost analysis of decontamination, historic factors causing or governing the presence of the contaminant in the environment and the potential impacts present and future.

Expert Witness & Litigation Support

For over 25 years, ARC Geobac has offered expert witness services for lawsuits involving environmental contamination. ARC Geobac’s experts are able to advise lawyers and insurance professionals, prepare professional reports, conduct forensic investigations, provide analysis, and deliver expert testimony.

Mediation & Cost Analysis

Due to the inherent complexities of environmental remediation, it is oftentimes necessary for an intermediary to work with the parties involved to develop a fair and equitable solution. ARC Geobac’s senior professional is experienced and impartial mediators, and have successfully resolved contentious environmental disputes.

ARC Geobac’s expertise enables it to assess:


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